Steam Cleaning

If you love your carpets but you at the same time know perfectly well how hard they can be to keep in good shape and stain free, you need one thing and one thing only – the carpet cleaning in Bracknell service that we at Cleaners Bracknell are capable of providing you with. Our top notch, highly reliable and cost-effective carpet cleaning service comes with a guarantee for quality, backed with the tons of positive reviews coming from our happy clients.

Serious cleaners for a serious job

We do carpet cleaning with the help of the latest technology currently in use by the industry. Our trained and fully licensed professional cleaners employ powerful steam cleaning machines to produce results of immediate effect, removing stains, dust, dirt and even allergens from deep in the fabrics of your carpets. No excessive force is used, thus the materials being treated are actually protected and their lifespan – prolonged. This is yet another reason why you should consider hiring namely us for your carpet cleaning in Bracknell.

We will treat you and your carpets better

Our capable professionals will assess the type of dirt or stains that need to be removed, and then they are going to pick up the right method and products according to those and the precise material of which your carpet is made. They will apply tested methods and all the right tools in order to fix the problems that you are having and leave you with nothing else to do rather than to enjoy the results of their hard work.

No matter whether you want to hire us carpet cleaning or for regular maintenance of your furniture, or there is a particular stain that you cannot make to come off no matter how hard you try, opt for our upholstery cleaning in Bracknell service. Prices start from 18 GBP per armchair, and 30 GBP per a two-seater sofa. Have in mind that any booking for over 100 GBP gives you an instant 10% discount off the price of the whole upholstery cleaning service.

The best possible treatment for your mattress

As for your mattresses, it is only logical that you would want the place that you spend most of your time while you are at home – up to 8 hours if you have sound and healthy sleeping habits – is well sanitised and hygienic. That is why once every several months it would be best to have your mattresses professionally cleaned by our trained and very capable sanitation experts in Bracknell. They will use advanced methods and equipment to remove dust, stains, dirt, soiling and allergens from deep in the fabrics and deliver impeccable results with minimal hassle or stress for you. The prices of our mattress cleaning in Bracknell service start from 16 GBP per a single mattress, 32 GBP per a double mattress, and 48 GBP per a king-sized one. On top of that, if you book us to clean three or more mattresses, you will have the chance to get an attractive 10% discount.